Chocolates and other Food Items

The chocolates and sweets which are manufactured in the UK are renowned worldwide. Hardly anyone misses an opportunity to get hold of the sweets and chocolates in the UK, and those expats amongst us will hunt down a British Expats Shop solely for the purpose of finding chocolate! British shops in Australia can be hard to find though, so we've found a way of getting your treats sent to you directly!

Australian shoppers love to have them and thankfully there are plenty of UK shops delivering to Australia.

UK2OZ was created to make shopping online for British expats shopping on the hunt for their favourite UK chocolates, simple! Our list of UK shops delivering to Australia includes finest of chocolates and sweets for the Australian shoppers.

Chocolate Trading Company

Chocolate Trading Company is the largest independent online chocolate shop in the UK, specialising in the finest chocolates from around the world.

A Quarter Of

Our sweets bring back fond memories of childhood days when the sun shone for longer, when you went everywhere with a whoopee cushion in your back pocket, and when your 6p change from your weekly dose of penny chews went on a copy of Whizzer and Chips.

Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate Buttons have the largest selection of sweets and chocolates available online anywhere in the UK. The product range includes old fashioned, event and wedding, childhood favourites, gourmet and wholesale sweets and treats made to the highest standards.

Love Hearts is the number 1 children’s sugar confectionary company in the UK with over 80 years experience in the confectionary marketplace. Young and old alike enjoy an imaginative range of gifts and ideas for celebrating birth’s, birthdays, wedding’s and special events.




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